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IntuitiveLH Careers provides individuals, groups and organizations with comprehensive career services, utilizing a wide range of interventions to assist you in obtaining your career, educational, and life goals. These services are designed for those who have tried other routes with little outcome, who are now looking for qualified assistance in identifying barriers, creating solutions, and producing results. Take a look at our services that have been used successfully by clients that range from recent grads to career changers to new retirees:



Services (Individual & Group Based):


IntuitiveLH Careers is more than a resume writing service, more than a “test-and-tell” purveyor of personality tests. The services offered are personalized to fit your needs; with advising, guidance, and counseling styles to match. Discover which combinations work for you! For example:


Structured approaches complete with homework assignments, deadlines, and personal contracts



Intuitive and holistic methods that mix the best of Eastern and Western philosophies and beliefs


Service-direct for individuals who prefer to have resume writing, research, etc. conducted for them


Trainer based learning designed to teach you techniques that encourage self-study and independence


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